Places to learn, grow and enjoy fellowship
We encourage interaction throughout the week, not just on Sundays. Whether it’s a bible study, a youth club or a place to get to know people like you, we’ve got a good selection.


Come and join the adventure
Stephen Hodge, 03/04/2019
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Our vision is to connect. We want to help children connect to Jesus, connect to each other, connect to church and connect to adults who can help them grow.

You can join us on Sunday mornings for Kid’s Church and Thursday evenings for The Lighthouse! We also run lots of special events throughout the year. It really helps us out to know you’re coming, so we have a booking system - you can find details for this at the bottom of the page.

Kids' Church

Age 4 - 11 years, Sunday mornings during the 10am service

On Sunday mornings our church service starts with All Age Time, where we have fun exploring the week’s topic and worshiping God together. After All Age Time, the children go out to their groups.

In Kids' Church we have fun learning about God and exploring our own personal faith. We worship, pray and learn as one big group, then split into two streams to explore the topic - meeting each child where they’re at. In Kids’ Church each person is given the opportunity to meet God for themselves and learn about the amazing plan he has for their life. Play is at the centre of what we do - using toys to make the Bible real for younger children, and games and competitions to bring it to life for older children. We love getting to know each other and everyone takes part in serving and supporting each other, no matter how old we are.


Age 0–3 years, Sunday mornings during the 10am service

We aim to create a safe, friendly environment for children aged 0 - 3, so that parents are secure in the knowledge that their children are safely having fun whilst they are able to participate in the worship upstairs. God knows and loves each and every child, and wants to connect with them, no matter their age! In creche we play together, pray together, hear bible stories, can fun creating things and most importantly connect with God in our own way. All our volunteers are DBS checked, and receive appropriate training.


School years Foundation – year 5, Thursday evenings from 5pm – 6.30pm

Join Nova, our very own superhero, for music, games, craft and competition and decide for yourself: is Jesus the ultimate superhero? Featuring water pistols, suits of armour and superhero capes, Supernova is a place of fun and discovery. We journey through the Bible together, sing praise songs and pray - allowing every child to decide who Jesus is for themselves. £1.50 per child.

Parents’ café runs every week during Supernova – relax and chat with tea, coffee and cake.

You can also join us for The Lighthouse Cafe before Supernova – see below!

The Lighthouse Cafe

Families with primary school aged children (and their siblings), Thursday evenings from 3.45pm – 5pm

Join us every Thursday evening to eat your evening meal as a family before your kids enjoy Supernova. We provide a safe, fun environment where kids can play, draw and meet new friends and you can eat together with other families – without the stress of cooking or washing up! £3 per family.

Booking and more info! 

The link to book any of these activities is: - it really helps us out to know who’s coming. Booking for Lighthouse Cafe and Supernova is essential as we need to know how many people to cook for! If you want more information about any of these things, you can email 
Be sure to follow Mutley Children and Families ( on social media to check the details of what's happening as sometimes things change at short notice.

We also have lots of sessions during the week for under 5s - check out the Families section of our website. For older kids (secondary school aged) check out the Youth section of our website.


If you’d like to volunteer to help out at any of our groups or activities we’d love to hear from you! Contact the church office on 01752 203346 and ask for Beth or leave a message with the office team.

Got a question or want to find out more? Why not contact the church using the details below.
Rob Dymond, 22/03/2019