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Mutley men

Man fuel for man stuff
A chance to meet with other men and grow together; usually fuelled by coffee, bacon & eggs.

The art of being a man: getting together with the guys, eating good food and maybe learning a thing or two at the same time. That’s what the group is here for.

It doesn't matter if you're 18 or 88, we hope you'll find our events a helpful way to get to know other men in the church, make and grow friendships, find discipleship opportunities and ways to grow and share your faith.
Our regular breakfast meetings take place at the Mannamead pub, Mutley Plain, and give opportunity to hear a talk from one of our members or take part in a discussion while enjoying a hearty meal.  
We want to see every man: Passionate about God, engaged with the church, and equipped to stand with and live out Jesus amongst his friends, family and work colleagues.
Stephen Hodge, 22/11/2018